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LICeng - Research and development engineering and marine civil engineering

They have been working on large scale projects where research and development has been one of their key components in the projects development. Without their know-how, expertise and experience, many of these projects would not have been possible. LICeng has made great effort to increase their knowledge in the R&D department, with no safety to make profit. They have used this knowledge in numerous projects in many of their work areas, eg. freak wave modelling, vortex shedding, mono pile foundations, scour analysis and much more.


Research and technological development has always been a priority at LICeng

And it is important that it will keep being that, as much of the knowledge obtained in this research is used in not only LICeng projects, but in projects by companies around the world. It is hard to determine the exact profit made from RTD, but some factors could be the number of patents obtained when making this technological research and development.

Research and innovation on a huge scale

In 2012 Barack Obama requested $147.696 billion for research and development. Much of this spending is being devoted to basic research on the mechanisms of disease. None the less the area of R&D is expanding, and with good reason.

LIC engineers is one of the leading research and technological developers on the market

The research and developing by LICeng is being used throughout the world on large scale projects on- and offshore. It is combined with the other areas of expertise by LICeng. The research and development is supported partially by public grants and by the industry. There is no project too big to be completed using future and existing know how obtained by the research and development by LICeng.

See more research and development of the engineers at LIC on their website: Research & development area of LICeng website.



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