Tubular, pipe and thread inspection and consultancy

NOTICE: This is an English article.

One of the companies consulting within the offshore industry of piping, tubular and thread, of the highest quality I’ve yet met, are definitely the crew behind www.tucuin.com

They are providing some of the best in both inspection and consultancy when even touching the subject of offshore industry. Kim and his crew are the most experienced and competent people I’ve met in this widespread offshore industry with the focus of tubular, pipe and thread consulting.

Tubular inspection and consultant in Esbjerg

Kim is an experienced tubular consultant from Esbjerg. He’s got years of experience working with the big companies of the North Sea, and almost all the big companies in Esbjerg, Denmark. He’s got a packed schedule full of inspection and consulting work, so you got to get up early to book an appointment with him – I learned the hard way. But now i only book my appointments with Kim.

Tubular inspector might aswell be his middle name

Kim might have inspected more tubular than there are drops of water in the sea. Long before Kim started Tucuin, he was inspecting tubes for the big companies of Esbjerg. Always using the latest technologies and methods to get the most exact and up-to-date readings of the condition of the tubular.
Tucuin take on all the OCTG assignments you can throw at them, so don’t be afraid to give them a call on tel +45 70 505 222, you might just save a whole lot of money, time and mistakes!

Do you need OCTG inspected in Esbjerg?

Tucuin are inspecting OCTG throughout Esbjerg for all of the big companies. I know they are inspecting for the big companies because there are reviews and references on their website. And quite good reviews that is, I’ve seen good reviews from at least Baker & Hughes, Geemit, Marubeni Itcohu, Gefion, Semco and Welltec. All of them complementing Tucuins services, experience, dedication and speed. All of them reviewing Tucuin as a great OCTG inspector and not least maybe an even better consultant.

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